Saturday, 4 March 2017

5G wireless technology is next and building up!

5G: 5th generation wireless technology

What is 5G? Let's clear what does 'G' stands in all those 2G,3G,4G etc... G is abbrevation for Generation. It's 5th generation wireless technology. 

Now, 4G such as WiMax and LTE has already brought speeds to hundreds of megabites and even gigabite-level speeds.

Possibilities with 5G: 5G is expected to support massive broadband applications by combining network speeds above 10 Gbps with extremely low latency. It will stimulate growth in many sectors, including the IT, automotive, entertainment, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Nokia is leading development in 5G area with its Nokia 5G FIRST

When is 5G? The official 5G NR (New Radio), may take till 2018 to come out. But as I said official, you may see unofficial pre-5G launched by telecom operators in 2017. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile are some who are working on bringing 5G tech. Indian cellular operators Airtel, Reliance Jio and BSNL are also working with co.s like Nokia to bring 5G by end of this year.

What will you need? No existing device is 5G compatible and thus you have to buy new one when it is live for public. Don't worry 4G won't be going away so soon; they are indeed key part of 5G strategy.

PS: Above article is based on the knowledge I could gather about 5G wireless technology so far.

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